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The 16th Busan International Performing Arts Festival 2020.9.25.(Fri)~9.27.(Sun)


BIPAF 2020

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Leading spring festival in Busan, Busan International Performing Arts Festival! Busan International Performing Arts Festival


1) Aim for a safe festival
Busan International Performing Arts Festival aims to set an example for the prolonged Covid crisis by following strong quarantine guidelines and creating an online festival for non-face-to-face visitors that puts the safety of participants and visitors first through live broadcasting of real-time performances in accordance with social distance measures strengthened by Covid infections.
2) The extension of the right to enjoy local culture
For the past 16 years, BIPAF has been at the forefront of selecting and organizing outstanding performances from around the world and promising domestic theatre companies. Through various genres of performing arts such as non-verbal, physical and street plays, we look forward to a leap toward Busan, a city of cultural enjoyment where Busan citizens can feel cultural pride. We also want to contribute to improving the culture accessibility for the disabled by having live performances and subtitles in real time.
3) Contributions to the development of local theatres
BIPAF has been working hard to develop audiences so that Busan citizens can approach theatre plays more easily for co-prosperity with the Busan theatre industry. At this year's BIPAF, we will support local art companies suffering from the prolonged Covid-19 through the regional win-win challenge "Cheer up Busan!" and offer our condolences to Busan citizens through artistic works by Busan local art companies.
4) Contributions to the expansion of cultural exchanges at the private level
BIPAF has been hosting festivals for the past 16 years, and has contributed to the expansion of private exchanges by establishing networks with various organizations in Korea and other countries. Based on the result of forming a nationwide network through an official agreement with the Korea Theatre Association and signing an official agreement with Avignon Off Festival, a world-renowned performing arts festival, we hope to contribute to the expansion of cultural exchanges in Busan.


Event Name 2020 제17회 부산국제연극제
(The 17th Busan International Performing Arts Festival, 2020)
Duration September 25th(Fri) ~ 27th(Sun) <3days>
Venues BIPAF website, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo
Participation 1 Invitational performances , 2 Congratulatory performances,
6 Contest works, 4 the Regional Win-win Challenge
Composition of performance program
Opening · Closing Ceremony
[Opening Ceremony] September 25th(Fri)
                                    -Opening speech & Celebrating Performance for Opening
                                     the Regional Win-win Challenge · Dynamic street Showcase
[Closing Ceremony] September 27th(Sun)
                                    - Dynamic street Award Ceremony, Closing speech & Celebrating
                                    Performance for Closing
Invitation performance
September 25th(Fri) ~ 27th(Sun)
The Seagull (Korea, Busan Metropolitan Theatre Company )
Congratulatory Performances
September 25th(Fri) ~ 27th(Sun)
The Painting (Korea, Animation Crew)
Fantastic Acrobatic (Philippine, Theater Free)
Dynamic Street (Street performance competition program)
September 25th(Fri) ~ 27th(Sun) <Showcase on 25th / Competition on 26th, 27th>
Out of the total 67 works(19 overseas works, 48 domestic works) applied,
6 works (6 domestic works) are selected for the final contest.
The Spirit Of The Fire (Korea, Art OF Magic)
Sound Mix (Korea, Unique project)
Shed - the warriors of smell of India ink
the Regional Win-win Challenge “Cheer up, Busan!"
September 25th(Fri) ~ 27th(Sun) <Showcase on 25th / Competition on 26th, 27th>
Pun And Fun Show (Korea, doomagic)
namaste show! (Korea, Magic-Q)
Juggleman Show (Korea, Juggleman)
Chosun's First Circus BunamsaDang (Korea, Young Play)
Host Busan Metropolitan City
Supervision Busan International Performing Arts Festival Organizing Committee
  • Busan International Performing Arts Festival Organizing Committee
  • 165,6 ShinchunDaeRo, Busan Jingu, Busan, Korea, 47278 TEL : 051)802-8003 FAX : 051)802-8033 EMAIL :