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The 16th Busan International Performing Arts Festival 2020.9.25.(Fri)~9.27.(Sun)


Art Experience ZONE

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"Blossom culture and art, the street of culture and arts that everyone makes together!"

his program runs from September 26th (Saturday) to 27th (Sunday) 12:00 to 17:00.
Food trucks and some experience programs will be charged.

The cultural distribution street
- To see (Art Market) : Display and sell idea products and handmade products
- To enjoy (Experience Zone) : Provide a space for citizens to create their own experiences
- To eat (Food truck) : Provide a resting place as well as exhibitions and experiences

The street where content is created
- People of all ages, hand-crafted artworks that show off different personalities, fill the streets.

The street overflowing with culture and art
In addition to performing arts, we aim to become a sustainable cultural and artistic community along with "Cultural Base," an organization that combines various visual arts such as crafts and exhibitions.

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