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The 16th Busan International Performing Arts Festival 2019.5.17.(Fri)~5.26.(Sun)


10 Minute Open Plays

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The time you became a main Character on the stage!

‘10 Minute Open Plays’ is a public participating program that is open for any citizen who loves performing arts. This contest is held for two days, divided into General public section and University major students section for each day. For General public section, anyone and everyone can apply for this section, regardless of sex or age. For University major students section, students who major in performing arts participate for this contest. In this way, Busan International Performing Arts Festival is growing as a festival with citizens and hopes to provide opportunities to have dreams of performing arts.

Outline of event

Title of event 10 Minute Open Plays
Date/Time General public section - May 24th (Fri), 2019 / University major students section - May 25th (Sat), 2019
Venue Suyeong-gu Community Cultural Center multipurpose hall
Information Time limit 10 minutes for General publics 10 minutes for University major students
Performance requirements · Mainly theater, but any type of performing arts such as conte, mime, dance, musicals with certain subject are also accepted. (※ excluding simple instrument playing)
· Performances that are not religious or political and do not harm traditional custom.
· Mainly ‘created theater’ that accords with the topic, but any performing arts genre such as play, conte, mime, dance, performance, musical, magic and nonverbal shows are widely accepted.
· Performances that are not religious or political and do not harm traditional custom.
Application Requirements · No limitation
· All kinds of groups including family, coworkers, club members, non-governmental organizations, foreigners and others
· Students who are registered for a major involved in performing arts in university of Korea.
· A maximum of two teams from the same university may apply.
· Actors/Actresses and Staffs should not be duplicated.
Awards · First Prize - 500,000won
· Second Prize - 300,000won
· Third Prize - 200,000won
· First Prize - 1,500,000won
· Second Prize - 1,000,000won
· Third Prize - 500,000won

The 16th Busan International Performing Arts Festival
10 Minute Open Plays Schedule

MAY 24TH (FRI) / General Public MAY 25TH (SAT) / University Major Students
Time Team Name Title Time Team Name Title
14:00 ~ 17:00 josuda red thread 14:00 ~ 17:15 Avengers 21,won my life
play-kid one more time Untitled,Daily life Untitled,Daily life
Actor’s Playground Hypersensitivity colon syndrome JoA team Mongttada
learn as an actor Biwon Different story betrayal
Yonghwa Apple
last movie oh! donut! possibility False
Aurora Busan,A Midsummer Night’s Dream project I one's eyes
ESIMI Ideal Four, Five, Six Different and Beautiful
Twinkling Project Shelter white clown Absurd reality disguised as common sense
The MIUM “Hope” Gakgo-myeonryeo String
Panta Rhei Mujeok Captain Saurus
JOKER dream simile dung-gulle : A noble devotion
good write? good write! taxi station
17:00 ~ 17:25 Stage Cleaning & Break Time 17:15 ~ 17:40 Stage Cleaning & Break Time
17:25 ~ 17:40 Awards Ceremony 17:40 ~ 17:50 Awards Ceremony

※ This program is free and all age groups.
※ The schedule is subject to change due to the performer's circumstances.

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