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The 15th Busan International Performing Arts Festival 2018.5.18.(Fri)~5.27.(Sun)


Invitational Performance

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Othello Nigredo
Country : Korea Production Company : Theatre Gabyun
Date : 2018-05-25~2018-05-26 Venue : KNN Theater
Time : 25th(Fri) 19:30 / 26th(Sat) 14:00(※Barrier-free Performance), 19:30 Running time : 100min
Age restriction : 15rating Ticket : 1st floor 25,000 WON
Genre : Website :

  Every human being is born with distrust, which bursts into flames even with a small touch of wind!

 Othello, in 2018, comes and goes between two battlegrounds; a real one, and a fictional one that only exists in his mind. Iago deceives Othello that Desdemona has fallen into love with Casssio. Without any proof, Othello, who has strong self-conviction, deludes himself that his wife is having an affair. As the imagination becomes reality, he ruins himself eventually. Theater Gabyun has developed Shakespeare’s Othello with its own comprehension and interpretation, as adding the word Nigredo, which means ‘conversion’, to the original title. 

Through <Othello Nigredo>, selected as the Barrier-free performance, we seek to break down the invisible barrier for communication with the audiences who have difficulties in theatergoing, as well as the boundary between the reality and fiction of Othello.  

※ Korean 
language (English subtitle provided)

  가변(Gabyun), Alterability : not being fixed or permanent, being able to change. 

 Theater Gabyun, which pursues continuous communication through art, aims to perform plays as a ‘lively art’by approaching to the audiences with

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