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The Arrival (Closing performance)
 Country / New Zealand  Production Company / Red Leap Theatre
 Date / 2012-05-11~2012-05-13  Venue / Main Hall of Busan Cultural Center
 Time / 11th 20:00/12th 18:00/13th 18:00  running time / 90minute
 age restriction / G-Rated  ticket / 1st floor seats 25,000won / 2nd floor seats 20,000won
 information / 051)714-6920  website www.redleaptheatre.co.nz

※ Q&A Session: 5/11(Fri) 20:00

Won Six Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards of New Zealand!
One of the most critically acclaimed works of theatre in 2012
<The Arrival>tells of one man’s migration to make a better life for himself and his family. Through music and movement, shadow and light, we come to better understand the migrant experience and its inherent struggle.

A play with strong visual language, <The Arrival>'s enchanting story of hope and humanity is told through puppetry, shadow-play and music.
Described as "infectious, captivating, and full of wonder", this major work of physical and visual theatre is adapted from the award-winning graphic novel by Australian artist and author, Shaun Tan. The story of an immigrant who flees his homeland in search of a better future, <The Arrival> is an emotive and inspiring account of one man's quest to belong.
On his travels, <The Arrival>'s central character must navigate strange customs, curious creatures, and indecipherable languages to find the security he needs to reunite his family. Designed to enchant even the most stoic of hearts, <The Arrival> combines music, movement, comedy, expert puppetry, and shadow-play to perfectly capture the essence of Shaun Tan's unique artistry.

<The Arrival> was successful at Auckland Arts Festival 2009, Sidney Festival and Hong Kong Arts Festival. <The Arrival> was awarded: Chapman Tripp Award for Production, Best Director, Set Designer of the Year and another three awards at Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards 2010.


It's a simple story of hope and fortitude overcoming hardship and insurmountable odds. A man leaves his wife and daughter for a better life in a faraway country so that one day they can join him and prosper from his new-found life.
Traveling across the ocean, he eventually arrives in this strange new world where he doesn't speak the language and where everything is unfamiliar. He has to relearn the basics of day-to-day living in an alien culture, with little or no help from those around him. Eventually, he succeeds in settling in and is reunited with his family.


The Arrival, which premiered at the Auckland Festival in March 2009, is a ‘grand, expansive, enchanting, hypnotic spectacle' according to reviewer Nik Smythe from the New Zealand website Theatreview (www.theatreview.org.nz).
- John Smythe, Theatreview

Based on a book of the same name by Australian writer Shaun Tan, it not only recreates Tan's story but the creators of this show, Kate Parker and Julie Nolan, also emulate the surreal, dream-like imagery that he uses to illustrate his book.
- Coleman, The Daily Telegraph, Sydney

Every once in a while you see a show that is such a breath of fresh air that you feel aglow when you walk out of the theatre: <The Arrival> is that kind of show.
- Jack Teiwes, Australian Stage

<The Arrival> held its audience in a state of rapture and curiosity.
- New Zealand Herald

※ <The Arrival> was sponsored by Creative NZ.

Red Leap Theatre

Red Leap Theatre is an Auckland based theatre company under the Artistic leadership of Kate Parker and Julie Nolan. The company is recognized for its unique blend of striking visual imagery, ensemble physicality and stories with heart. Adapted from the award winning graphic novel by Shaun Tan, <The Arrival> is a universal migrant tale set in a fantastical time and place. A man flees his homeland and journeys across vast seas to arrive in a strange, wondrous new world where giant ships fly through the air and curious creatures abound. It is a story of overcoming hardship, of humanity and of hope. This is a story for young and old, where language is no barrier. 

Company Manager: Theresa Hanaray / Stage Manager: Chelsea Adams / Artistic Director: Julie Nolan, Kate Parker / Director: Julie Nolan / Assistant Manager: Ian Flynn, Dahnu Graham / Lighting & Technician: Jeremy Fern 


Gerald Graham, France Hervé, Jade Daniels, Cathy Livermore, Ella Becroft, Veronica Brady, Justin Haiu, Tama Jarman, Jarod Rawiri, Kate Parker